facebook special $249 for a Trackless Train -Birthday party – All Aboard For Train Party Fun !

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  Thanks again !   Best ( and easiest ) Party I have had.  I RECOMMEND YOU TO EVERYONE! HappyDaysEntertainment.com    We had a Train birthday party last weekend and it was a huge success!  We rented a, for our 2 year old son. We rented a Trackless Train for the party, –  so the kids were excited as they entered the party-   The Trackless train drove artrackless train party train party train for rentound the corner and pulled up to the driveway and the engineer (Mario)- with his overalls and train cap-yelled “all aboard ..”  he blew the train whistle .. – the kids went crazy running down the front lawn to get to the train – he passed out the train party bags to each one of the kids-(thanks the party bags were Great! well worth seven dollars ! )  they all pulled out their whistles – put on their bandanas and jumped on aboard, with their engineer hats.  We had a party entertainer dressed as a conductor.  Her name was Sherry, she was an amazing balloon twister and played train games with the kids – and it was SO SO great that she was dressed as a train conductor!!  The kids really liked her and she was silly, fun and had so much energy ! it was super hot – but the kids really enjoyed running around playing with her.  She made all kinds of crazy balloons and did face painting too! – so my son just loved loved it – it made the theme complete !  Thanks for a great party !  Facebook Special was also $249 for 1 hour if you are on a budget.  I recommend them to anyone who is doing a train birthday party! 310-935-7373

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