Spin Art T-shirt birthday party or festival booth Facebook special $250- Art party success!

This is definitely the creative way to add flair to any event.  I put together lots of great events – for preschools, carnivals and birthday parties and Spin Art is a great activity ! All ages can create a work of art to take home, fall Ages starting at 3years old!  What child does not like to create and Everyone loves watching the kids creating their very own masterpiece, a T-shirt, – Frisbee’s  or Designer Card or Book Now 

The Frisbee Spin Art booth Comes with an attendant and all the supplies for up to 12 kids included in the price !!!!  90 minutes of fun and they have a great take home gift that they made! for $250- and $20 for each additional 12 kids.    I highly recommend spin art and happy days entertainment.com  310-935-7373.  the  Facebook special for July and August  $250– if you have the t-shirt spin art -you buy your own shirts -they supply everything else ( including an attendant- you can create as many as you can make in 90 minutes- I had over 200 kids so i supplied my own shirts and had two booths – it was perfect!

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