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Our Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Party was So Magical!!! . Thanks to

princess party

First we hand-deliver bright, shiny red apples to everyone in class and the neighborhood, each apple had party details written on an attached tag. “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to a party we go!”   The best part of the party was our Snow White princess – she WAS Snow white -the kids were mesmerized-when she arrived she sang to the kids and they were in heaven.  The favorite part of the party was her  songs and creative games. We had a Magic Mirror station… ( our front hallway wall mirror with window markers)

She brought hats, crowns and masks that the kids decorated with yarn and fabric.  She led a Scavenger Hunt…with printed out pictures of all the dwarfs, Snow White and the Prince. I taped them up all over the house and the yard.  Each child had a cards and ran around to find the matching picture, once they marked them all off their card -Snow White gave them each a prize.  She was oh so beautiful… and laughed and sang with the kids-It was really a royal experience for all the little girls and boy too!!!!

           It was such a FUN day for all the kids …snow white partysnow white party